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I know, it's suppose to be monthly... just been working on some different music, that's it about me!

If its going to 'snow' at one of your gatherings then this should take that cold edge off!

This episode features Timo Garcia, Zone, Stereo Mutants, Riffish and several other juicy tid-bitz.  


Thanks to all for their support! Serving up some delicious deep house with this episode. Please see the chapters feature in your itunes player for a detailed track list. You may also click the photo to be taken to where these tracks are available. This month's episode features Lisa Shaw, Robert Owens, Pablo Fierro, Alvaro Ernesto, Soultourist, Dirt Crew and many others!


I just wanted to let you know that this is my latest CD. You can find the non-watermarked version on iTunes. Just click the link on the cover that says "Now on iTunes".

Thanks to everyone for their support! Happy Holidays and I'll be kicking off the New Year soon with another installment of The 7b Mixes!


Apologies for the delay! If you have a subwoofer then use it! You'll find some chunky tracks in this episode. Also included are links to find these tracks to add to your own collection so please support the artists that provide us with great electronic music!

Featured artists are Version, Itzo, Sonogama, Soul Minority, Anton Pieete & Xiki!

Groove Chaser by 7b out in November!

Just the right amount of Umph to carry on into those oh-so late summer evenings. This month's podcast features fresh new tracks from Soul Minority, Crazy P, Frank Solano, Santos & Doomwork. For a complete track listing please use the chapters feature in your iTunes Player.

Sorry for the delay all, you know how summer is. This month's episode features new tracks from Stimming, Motorcitysoul, 7b, Jay Sustain & Faiden Kamb. For a complete track listing, please use the chapters feature in you iTunes Player.

Delicious & Aurally Stimulating! This month's episode features tracks from Eskadet, King Kooba, Population 3, Doubting Thomas, Kez Yn & Fred Everything. For a complete list of song credits please use the chapters feature in the iTunes player!

Venture out, far out with this latest installment of Deep house & Tech House! This month's featured artists are Escadet, Milton Jackson, Ryo Murakami, Andre Crom/Danilo, Catz 'n' Dogz, Lucca, Mike Montano, The Discowboys, Mike Monday/Will Saul, Liapin & Astraglide.

Exploring the underworld of deep house & tech house this one pushes the envelope for audiophiles that love those crunchy rhythms, aquatic bass lines & soul-grabbing grooves. This months featured artists include Seth Troxler, Kevin Griffiths, Vas Floyd, Andrew Phelan & Origami, Anderson & Borelli, Microdinamic, Benno Blome & Tom Clark, Federleicht, Channel X, Sideshow & Milton Jackson

Warm things up this winter with some sizzling Tech House & Deep House. This month's featured artists are Peace Division, Andi Numan, Azuni, Federico Molinari, The Timewriter, Gianluca Luis, Kolombo, Default & Vibe Corner.

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